Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I feel like I've got my balls all back up in the air now...

"All we are is dust in the...air."
Was I the only one counting down the hours until this moment??

Okay, after a lot of Pinterest searching and calls to my sister for her approval, I've got the teacher gifts lined out...however I can't quite share them yet, because at least one of them reads this! :)  
(She put this sticker on her face and told me she's getting it really pierced when she gets married.  Lord, help me.)

Brooklyn decided after her bath tonight that she wants to grow her bangs out, which is totally fine with me because I'm not quite sure where they start/stop or how far back they go, and I'm just cutting them all the time.  
Porter's baseball games keep getting cancelled, which is also fine with me because it's not like I really get to watch them anyway when I'm trying to keep Gus from running out in the parking lot the entire time.  
Gus is just talking up a storm, even more so when I take his Binky out.  Speaking of Binkies, did you know they aren't supposed to have one after age two?  I keep trying to explain this to Gus, but he just says, "No, my Binky!"
Also, now that he's two, I can turn his carseat forward, but since he doesn't seem bothered by it at all, I just left him facing back.  You win some, you lose some: screwed up teeth/safer in a crash. 
Nate got burned really bad over the weekend (second degree burns on his arms). There was a malfunction with a propane grill and he basically took a fireball to the chest.  He keeps thanking me for making him wear a cotton undershirt under his super flammable dry fit polo that completely melted off.  

Six days of school left...BRING IT!

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colby, meredith, caden, & carter said...

Thank goodness for the cotton shirt. Wow! I hope it heels quickly. Ouch!