Thursday, June 13, 2013

School's Out For Summer!

First day of summer vacay and my dear children all woke up at 9:00! Woo-hoo! It rained and rained and rained all day, but that's Oregon for you I guess! 

Here are some pics from yesterday:

The kids took an orange-y treat to their teachers: orange Tic-Tacs, orange Trident, OSU candy bar, and orange Crystal Light all in an orange cup. (Pinterest)
We so lucked out getting Mrs. Carroll for two kids, we're crossing our fingers that Gus gets her too!
This year was Porter's teacher's first year and she was amazing!
Friends since Kindergarten!
Brinley and Brooklyn on the first and last day of Kindergarten
The kids started working on their summer to-do list too!

3 witty remarks:

Jane Anne said...

Brooklyn grew so much! She's adorable. I love the picture of Porter with his friends.

Anonymous said...

Whew I made the list!!

Kat said...

I did that this year too--took Ryder's first/last day pictures. Wasn't planning on it but glad I did and now I know that's what I'll be doing every year. Cute teacher gifts! Totally was gonna do the whole Starbucks water bottle thing with a gift card in it, but ran out of time. Just picked up a gift card the other day and have to mail it to his teacher--how lame is that?!