Monday, June 3, 2013

Are there really only 7 days of school left? Like, I'm not ready for this...

I mean, I am sorta ready to relax and not have to get up so early, but I feel like the only mom that hasn't planned out my end of year teacher gifts, and I just realized my kids are going to be home all day every day fighting nonstop.  Ahhh, summertime.

Photo dump:

She ran her first 5K in 38 minutes!
He adores his big brother...and calls him Porky.
We rode on the Elks float in our town's annual parade.

Spirit week at school!
Crazy hat and sock day
Twin day!  
Both of my kids wanted to dress like their teachers.

The preschool teacher that I had and Porter and Brooklyn had retired.  A legend in this town!  My sister is going to try to fill her shoes, so Gus will get to have his Aunt Lo-Lo.

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