Wednesday, January 9, 2013

my rip off of US Weekly's What's In My Bag

My very favorite gift I've ever given myself was my 3 year subscription to US Weekly. 
I added a coupon code to an online sale and scored it for $50! Isn't that insane?! Needless to say, I'm pretty giddy every Friday when I go out to the mailbox. 
One section that I always look forward to is "What's In My Bag". It's where a celebrity dumps out their million dollar purse and talks about what's in it.  
So I dumped out my bag and took a picture. Because why wouldn't you want to see what's in it, right?

1.  A pile of random receipts, mostly from WalMart.  I save these to go through while I'm sitting at Brooklyn's dance class.
2.  Diaper and wipes...wouldn't leave home without them. 
3.  Love letters from my best girl.
4.  Motion sickness tablets for long car rides.  Two of the three kids are car pukers.
5.  A Christmas ornament that I've been meaning to give back to someone. 
6.  A list of books I want to check out at the library.   These recommendations were from Sarah at Clover Lane.
7.  Chapstick
8.  Tampon
9.  All the pens I can never find when I actually need one. 
10.  Keys with the keychain Porter made me at Bible school over the summer. 
11.  My glasses that aren't in their case because it's full of hair from Brooklyn's first big haircut. 
12.  A handful of change that my kids haven't stolen yet. 
13.  Wallet
14.  Tic Tacs
15.  Giftcards (the best kind of Christmas present)
16.  And the phone that I still don't think I need, but use all the time for texting.

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Kat said...

You failed to mention your fabulous Coach bag...sheesh, girl! Love it. My husband came home today from work declaring that Red Robin has a new burger out...something about chili and cheese...guess where our next date night's gonna be:)