Friday, January 4, 2013

and Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again...

well Mom anyway!

Christmas break:

 I'm not sure if I showed you this last year, but this is how I've started keeping my cute photo Christmas cards so all the years stay together.  My kids really like looking at all their cousins from all over the country.
 First thing every morning, loves to put on Sissy's Crocs!
 I've been constantly admiring my husband's token of his love for me!  And my ability to live with him for the last 10 years!
 I don't even have an explanation for this...she did it all on her own.  Saving the neighborhood squirrels one at a time, I guess.
Read this.  Awesome.
Wearing swimsuits and stealing toys.
Lots of this...getting over an ear infection.
 Our local Biggest Loser group started up for round 2.  I lost 15 pounds the first time, so I'm excited to do it again!
(PS if you are counting, I did gain some back during the holidays...oops!)  
Oh, also I'm super excited to watch the new season of the real Biggest husband went to HS with one of the contestants! 

I'm sorry to report no recent pics of the oldest child, as he hasn't stepped away from the Wii or DS this whole break!  
I hope he still knows how to read by Monday!

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samantha said...

Oh I will need to read Jenny's new book! I've been doing the same thing with our Christmas cards. So much fun to look back.