Saturday, January 14, 2012

I suck at blogging

{all pictures courtesy of google images}

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That's a bad word in the Barnes Yard.  (sucks)
The kids around here are supposed to say "stinks".  
Today I heard my girl call my big boy a "butt face". 
I didn't say anything. 
I just pretended that I didn't hear her and laughed to myself. 
My kids make me laugh a lot. 
Sometime very soon they are going to grow up and say worse things than "sucks". 

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Gus has found his voice.
He just realized that if he wants to be heard, he has to be louder than the big kids.
And they are loud when they get going. 

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I woke up with the worst headache this morning.
It lasted all day even through two doses of Advil, some brownies, and a bite or two of cookie dough.

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I missed going to watch donkey basketball with Nate and the kids.
They came home and told me about the donkeys pooping on the court and nobody cleaning it up. 

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My desktop has a virus which causes it to randomly start playing ads when nothing is even open.  All of the sudden it just starts talking and scares the crap out of me. 
I can't access my pictures from my laptop so this is the picture-less post.  
Well, unless I steal some from Google images.  

Let's see what I come up with. 

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I hope you're as amused by this post as I am!

3 witty remarks:

Denissa said...

Oh man, that sucks about your desktop..haha..sorry couldn't help myself :)
The google pics are too funny, and I know EXACTLY what you mean about the 3rd discovering his voice..the littlest is the LOUDEST in our house!

Jane Anne said...

My third is the loudest and most rambunctious... so good luck with that. I love your blogging. And... sorry about headache.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

The pictures are hilarious!!