Monday, November 21, 2011

he gets me every time

Porter called me into his room after he went to bed.
"Mom, how do you make bad thoughts not be in your head?"

(Hmm...okay, let me think about this.)
"Welllll, you could think about something really fun-like going to Disneyland."

"But how do you make the bad thoughts not come in your head?"

"What kind of bad thoughts are we talking about here?"

" what if Mac gets out of the backyard and gets lost?"

"Oh, Honey, that would never happen because Dad would go out front and whistle for him and he would come back."

"But how do I not think things like that?"

"You just have to tell Jesus to take the scary thoughts out of your brain.  And think about fun things like Disneyland.  And know that if Mac ever gets really, really lost, Dad will drive all around the neighborhood until he finds him."

"Okay.  Goodnight Mom."

(How did I get a little boy that looks so much like his Daddy but has a heart just like mine?)

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Melinda G. said...

Doesn't it scare you at first when your kids ask you questions like that? At first, my mind goes to the worst imaginable thing that they can mean and then they tell me what they really mean...and then it's not so bad.