Friday, November 18, 2011

eight months

Say it isn't so!
Eight months, Gus Man!  I can't believe it!
He's a pat-a-caking maniac!

What are you doing, Gus?
*Crawling, crawling, crawling
*Wanting so badly to stand up
*Saying "Hi" and waving
*Sleeping from about 9 PM-6AM with a morning and afternoon nap
*Contributing 1626 diapers to the landfill! (Yep, we're keeping track.)
*Gnawing your two little bottom teeth on everything
*Looking like the perfect little combination of your brother and sister
*Enjoying most all babyfoods
  7 month comparison

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Denissa said...

Had fun getting caught up on your posts!! :)Can't believe that Gus is 8mths already!! :( I hate how fast they grow up..not cool!
Love the card you picked, working on ours too. Sounds like you had a great birthday!!