Saturday, July 10, 2010

summer days

Ahh the heat wave has arrived!
Welcome to July.
I've been curled up inside all day today in a warm blanket, wearing a sweatshirt.  
We like to keep it COLD in here!
This heat is making my kiddos naughty! 
I feel like I'm losing my voice I had to yell so much today.
This evening the kids went swimming at Mama Kathy's house (my sister's mother-in-law) and then I sent Porter to spend the night with Hank.  
They are so lucky to grow up with their cousins right around the corner.  
It's nice for me too when I need a moment to breathe!
The  three musketeers 
(Yes, Porter's shirt says 2007, it's Hank's hand-me-down.)
first season of T-ball complete
egg on a wall
(kinda creepy)
our first tomato
cutest wedgie ever!


3 witty remarks:

Denissa said...

I think it is supposed to be 99 here today...ugh Thank goodness for pools! And I agree w/ the heat making them naughty, happens here too also when it is pouring rain that happens!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures and cute kids!! I too am glad they all live right around the corner from each other! (Lets always keep it that way!) HA!

MiMi said...

I was gonna say that Abe always creeps me out. :)