Thursday, July 8, 2010

pony storage

I finally found a way to corral (ha! I'm hilarious) all of the ponies that were taking over Blanche's room.
This cute pink thing holder(?) came from TJ's and has little pockets to house all of the ponies. 
It is meant to hang on the back of a door.
After I added some ribbon to the hooks, Blanche could actually reach into the pockets herself.  Which means she can also clean up after herself (if she feels like it!).
On a side note, Blanche can imitate the best horse "neighing" I've ever heard.  It's ridiculous. 

6 witty remarks:

A very blessed lady! said...

That is cool love that is is pink! and adding the ribbon made it practical and cuter...LOVE IT!

MiMi said...

Where's Butterscotch???

Jen @ said...

Great idea! I love that it's so pretty for the ponies too :)


Leah said...

What a great idea Mama!

Happy weekend!

Just say Julie said...

We use something similar to corral the webkinz in my son's room. I grabbed an over door shoe holder at Dollar Tree and the pockets are perfect! Plus the see through allows him to see whats in it.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Fabulous idea!!