Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't know my point

You know what I am not looking forward to?
When my kids go through the "big teeth" stage.  
You know when their permanent teeth are coming in and they look huge and they're kind of all jagged on the bottom?
It seems like it usually happens around age 9 so I've got some time to admire their perfectly perfect little white, square teeth.

Are there any foods that when you think about them, your mouth instantly waters?
I have two.  Banana peppers and feta.
It just happened right now.  

I bought this stuff at a garage sale.
I haven't even had time to do anything with it yet.
Brooklyn got super excited about about the watering can because Ruby (of Max & Ruby fame) has one exactly like it.  So needless to say, she has taken that over as her own. 
The main reason I haven't had any time to do anything is because I've been stuck in this position for a week now.  
And as of yesterday, we have new floors!
Can someone come give me a massage?

8 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

The rental looks great!!

Jessica said...

Jackson lost his first tooth in first grade I think. He has a whole mouth of new teeth and he's only 8...

we revamped my mom's game room last year, new flooring and everything. It's hard work. Great job!

momof3girls said...

Big teeth is a fun stage -when it is your kids you are just amazed to watch their features start to morph into the beautiful or handsome individuals that they will become-and think of the great pics that you will get to embarrass them one day! Your floors look great!

Denissa said...

The permanent teeth stage is so akward and not too cute ;) The floor looks great! Love the tile.

Melinda G said...

That floors and paint looks awesome! Good job!

One Love, Two Hearts said...

Finally some pictures!!!! LOL! Can't wait to see you Friday and Saturday and Sunday! hahaha! You can always shower at my house!!! :) Seriously!

Jennifer @ Our Cottage (in the Desert) said...

Just found your blog and am so excited to begin looking around! I love the new flooring...great color choices =)

Feel free to stop over to my blog and say hi



Anonymous said...

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