Saturday, April 17, 2010

Porter says

Porter's questions of the day:
How come Mac has a hole in his bottom?
How come Mac has different kinds of poop, like sometimes it's light brown?
Can we have a picnic in the living room?
Can we go to McDonald's and just get a toy but not any food?

4 witty remarks:

a very blessed lady! said...

Valid questions Porter!!!I would like to know the answers to some of those myself. And I would rather have a toy from McD's than food too! Cute post.

David and Amy Sheldon said...

He has somehow grown into a little man overnight. He looks so old in this picture with his spikey hair!!I think we have a future heartbreaker on our hands!

terrid614 said...

awwww! he is TOO cute! i found your blog thru a blog of a many things made me smile....esp. your profile indicating the start of WW everyday but ruining it by 4pm!! oh, and that darn annoying alarm clock!! i hate that sound TOO! very cute blog, i am now following!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Don't you love "boy questions"??!! I have 3 boys and they seem to love talking about poops & toots!!! :)