Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Working Wednesday

I love it when I come into the office and there is a huge cookie with pastel M&M's on my desk! 

Oh crap, I realized this morning that I don't even have any eggs for coloring! 
How did Easter sneak up on me like that?  All the plastic eggs, baskets and coloring kits are still up in the attic.  Oh, the fun resurrection eggs are up there too.  The kids loved those last year.
This is the second year in a row that I didn't get around to taking an Easter pic to make into cards for the relatives.  Dangit.  I think there might still be time if I do it tonight.  Oh and guess what? Blanche is going to wear the same dress she wore last Easter. 
I know
I can't even believe I'm telling you this.  But seriously, it's Janie & Jack and I really feel like I want her to get some use out of it.  It was a little big on her last year so it will fit perfectly this year, and it has the cutest matching beret and tights.  Plus we're going to a new church now so nobody will notice.  Except me.  And my sister.

This week is crazy. 
Can I just unload my brain for a second?
*The kids both went back to preschool after a week off.  That was stressful in itself just having to get up early and get the kids dressed and out the door.  We got kinda used to staying in our jammies. 
* I got Porter's Kindergarten paperwork completed.  (sobs)  It cannot really be time for this yet!   (more sobs)
*Blanche started gymnastics last night.  (giddy)  I do realize it may not be the best parenting tactic to live out your childhood dreams through your child, but seriously I always wanted to be a gymnast.  Of course she is a total natural and she looked so stinking cute in her gymnastics attire and french braids.  I told her that if she acted like a big girl (no whining) she could pick out any toy she wanted from the "toy store" (Dollar Tree).  She chose a Cinderella puzzle. 
Don't you agree if your kid is going to be Olympian material by the time they are in high school they need to start the sport immediately?  I'm sure when some of those fencers were three their parents chose the sport for them.  You need to be thinking ahead for some of these events.  You can't just wait until your kid is fourteen and then say, "Oh maybe we should start teaching you to ice skate", or whatever. 
So I decided that Blanche will be a gymnast.  I think her best events will be the floor exercise and uneven bars.
I don't care, let me have it. 
At least I'm not a pageant mom!
* Porter's first soccer game of the spring season is on Saturday.  Go Tritons!  I have no idea where his shin guards are. 
PS I don't want him to be a soccer player when he grows up.  I prefer baseball, but T-ball doesn't start until May.  He's already signed up.

How am I going to get any work done today? 
I still have to plan my Easter menu.  I know for sure we're having Brussels sprout gratin and everyone's favorite appetizer-crescent rolls with cream cheese, red peppers and bacon. 

Now, I'm gonna eat my cookie, drink another cup of coffee and then put on my headphones and get started with my typing. 

Maybe I'll buy some eggs on my lunch break.

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Tonya said...

Hey Jill! I'm Tonya I just started on my blog adventure a couple weeks ago and came across yours. You crack me UP!! I love how you just kinda put it out there and make it light hearted. I enjoy your craft/decorating ideas and I am super glad I found you!
PS- I like your new header!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Jill,

Motherhood . . why do we make it so hard on ourselves. Everything always seems to fall into place . . but Motherhood is really all about love, love those kids like mad, you'll never regret it . . nothing replaces it. It's when they grow up, you will see all your efforts . . that will be your reward time. Enough of this mushy stuff . . Have a great day!

CRAZYMOM said...

Yes. You have to start early. There is no doubt about that, no matter what our critics say. :)

Don't feel bad about the dress. We've all done it. I got one for my girl that I LOOOVE but it is too big. I love it so much I am thinking to buy it again in the smaller size and let her wear it for more than one year. Too much?

Loving the new look. You are all over my new favorite color!

Mc Allen said...

Oh yes, Im with ya. I cannot believe its April tomorrow. Its seems that when Easter is later in the month I am WAY more prepared!! Im also always on to[p of April Fools. I. Gat. Nothin... lol. xoxo LA

samantha said...

I'm behind to this year. Where has the time went? Blanche will look cute in whatever she wears this Easter. LOOKING FORWARD to our egg hunt!!!

samantha said...
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Laurie said...

Too funny!!!
N PS we have a Janie and Jack and I lovvvvve that expensive I would let my daughter wear the dress 2 years in a row too :)

Anonymous said...

I was a gymnast! Let me know if you need any pointers. HA!
Happy April Fools tomorrow! Porter should be good and ready!

Jessica said...

Easter totally snuck up on me too. My mom was shocked yesterday when I reminded her that Easter was this weekend. Seems to be the common feeling.

Jane Anne said...

I love Janie and Jack. Can't wait to see pictures of her in her dress!

Did I miss T-ball signups or can I still sign up David next week? (email me, please)

Kindergarten?! (Aaaack!) I cannot believe Porter and Thomas are that old.