Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today's Agenda

"You'll shoot your eye out!"
Immediately after I took this picture Porter fell flat on his face and broke my glasses.

1.  Stress about my Google diagnosis of either a.)enlarged spleen, b.)esophageal cancer, or c.)gallbladder disease.  I'm really rooting for gallbladder disease here.  All I know is the pain directly below my ribcage is intense and my heartburn is bringing me right back to my pregnancy days.
2.  Take my old pup to have doggy oral surgery.  Can you believe I've worked in the dental field all of my adult life and my dog is suffering from locally abscessed and nonsalvageable teeth?  In my defense, my children have excellent oral hygiene.
3.  Bask in the afterglow of LOST.
4.  Worry about my child's anxiety issues that he obviously inherited from me.  It breaks my heart when he tells me how he feels about certain situations and I remember feeling exactly like that at his age.  Do I give into his fears or do I have him do things that make him uncomfortable in order to overcome them?  Help.

It's gonna be a busy day.

9 witty remarks:

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I have a little boy who is quite anxious, has an enlarged spleen, and recent and pronounced dental issues. We need to talk. :)

Traci said...

#4- You're his mama, you do what your gut tells you to.

Valarie said...

I just found your blog, and am loving it. I can't wait to go back through your older posts. I hope you have a wonderful day.

anya said...

LOVE the pic and the quote! Ha ha!

My son has inherited my fears too. Sometimes, it's enough just to listen.

MiMi said...

are those rx or readers?? yikes.

Erin C. said...

Ouch Jill! Go get your gallbladder checked out, I had mine out right after I had Ava. Worse pain than having a baby!! We should get together again soon! :) Erin

Gayla said...

that is the cutest picture EVER! (sorry about your glasses.)

ok, 1) i am home obsessing today of whether or not my spleen is enlarged (hurts just under ribcage on the left and goes along with the Mono that my doc thinks I have--FUN!).

and 2) i have a little boy in my class who is having anxiety problems, but i will bet your little one's are more manageable. is he having panic attacks or just nervousness in certain situations? i'm sure you are helping him just by listening!

good luck with your busy day! i hope you are not too sick with any of those things! :)

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Jill,

So sorry about the glasses . . thank God for cheaters there cheaper. May be you're just feeling indigestion from stress (life) which is normal. Part of having kids is reliving our childhood . . your kids are blessed!

CRAZYMOM said...

I think Google diagnosis should be a new term. I've had a few of those!

Can't help you with the Porter thing. I have them too, but I don't remember worry till I got older. You'll make the right choice. :)