Friday, December 11, 2009

worth passing along

When Nate and I first got married, his Aunt and Uncle gave us a great piece of advice.

"Decide now, before you have kids, whether Santa wraps the gifts or not."

Before I had kids, I assumed Santa would carry on like he always had while I was growing up. He left the gifts unwrapped under the tree next to the wrapped presents which were from my mom and dad.

Now that I think about it, even though the gifts weren't labeled, my sister and I always knew which ones were for us.

In Nate's house, Santa also left the gifts unwrapped.

There was no confusion for us once we had Porter whether Santa was going to wrap the gifts or not. And really, he was only six months old the first Christmas, so he wouldn't have known either way.

I can't remember the exact details, but the Christmas Eve after having their first child was quite the predicament for the said Aunt and Uncle. I believe it ended with one of them rushing to the store for wrapping paper at midnight. Or something. Anyway they learned a lesson and wanted to pass it along.

Since then I've asked other parents how Santa operates in their homes. At one friend's house Santa uses wrapping paper that has his picture on it, and the other gifts are wrapped with a different type. At another house, Santa leaves each kid's presents in his or her own room.
Santa is a tricky fella.
What does he do at your house?

(I couldn't resist.)

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as we don't have a chimney, we have a very special key that is left hanging on the front door for Santa. Each of the kids has a door hanger on their bedroom door with a photograph so Santa knows who's bedroom he's going into and each child has a small tree decorated in their room. Santa leaves his gift wrapped under their special tree so it's the first thing they see and open on Christmas morning.

Growing up, we would leave an empty pillow case on the end of our bed and Santa would put his gifts inside it for us.

Let's just hope the kids don't notice the bourbon/snowflake wrapping paper being used this year by Santa that was sent to us from Maker's Mark ... seeing as I've gone a little green with wrapping and have had the kids make it for their own gifts this year and haven't purchased any Santa wrap :)

David and Amy Sheldon said...

It is a good thing you said something because I don't have a stance on how to handle "Santa's" gifts.... Sydney is too young to know anyways. Is it weird that I have considered skipping the santa notion all together in an effort to keep Jesus as the focus of Christmas?? I better get this settled soon, times-a-wasting!!!

Anonymous said...

Jill Jill...I think it's more important to start thinking of how you're going to tell your kids that Santa isn't even real!! That's a real dilemma. We don't do Santa... Why confuse the true meaning of Christmas with a huge fake man anyway...Keep it real. :) :) (but that's from the girl who doesn't dress their kids' up for Halloween either) -Janna

The Beavers said...

When Cass was growing up, he left presents wrapped. Mine were always unwrapped (he might have left a few wrapped). It was so exciting to run down and see the display of toys and gifts. I also am keeping with the tradition of spending LOTS of family time during the holidays. Baking, watching fun Christmas movies, driving around to look at Christmas lights, etc. Those are by far my best memories of Christmas as a kid and adult...being with family and carrying on special traditions!

Native American Momma said...

My husband was apparently permanently scarred for life because his mother lied to him by telling him there was a Santa so Santa doesn't come to our house. :(

Melinda G said...

Did you picnik those pics of Porter? I just realized that those look like some of the Christmas things you can add on your pictures. Our family picture for our Christmas cards need some serious help because I was trying to be artistic with a light on the floor so that the lights on the tree would sparkle. They don't sparkle if you use the flash. Anyway, I upgraded on picnik to Premium & am not disappointed so far.

MiMi said...

The presents were always wrapped when I was a kid but my husband freaked on me and told me that they ARE NOT wrapped from Santa. So Santa does not wrap our kids' presents. Hey! I forgot to ask, did you get the wreath fixed?? We leave this coming Saturday, the 19th.

Anonymous said...

When I was little all my presents were wrapped from Santa, it was way better that way not just seeing them out in the open. In all of the Christmas movies with Santa the presents are wrapped, I saw wrap them.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

If Santa didn't wrap the presents, they would all be busy playing with whatever it was by the time we shuffled in.

And Santa always wraps gifts in "ugly paper" as my 9 year old says....pretty good, eh? I make sure to get the tackiest paper I can find because we all know that MOMMY would NEVER buy UGLY paper. HA!