Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just some thoughts and random info from me now that I'm 30

1. There are just too many "sexy" Halloween costumes. Seriously. "Sexy" Carebear? Gross. "Sexy" Alice in Wonderland? Ew. "Sexy" Strawberry Shortcake? I am not making these up. College girls might be able to pull them off, but Moms, please, no.

2. One time when I was two years old, my mom forgot me at a garage sale. I haven't decided yet if this has had any lasting effect on me.

3. The first time I brought my friend Nate over to my parents' house, they were remodeling and had a refrigerator in the living room. Nate was wearing a wife beater, basketball shorts and a greenish-silver cross necklace. He ate a string cheese really fast and made us laugh. After that my sister told me I should go out with him. So I did.

4. I actually prefer to use single-ply toilet paper over the triple thick stuff. Instead of using a little of the thick stuff, I like the feeling of a big wad of the thin stuff.

5. Talking on your cell phone in a restaurant is rude.
There I said it.
It makes me feel so uncomfortable to see people doing this-especially if I am eating with them. If the call is so darn important, take it outside or even in the bathroom. I also think it is extremely rude to talk on them in waiting rooms, schools and stores. Go to your car. Nobody needs/wants to hear your conversation-especially me. If you're not a doctor or a drug dealer, the call can probably wait until you get home.
PS If you know me in real life, you already know I don't own a cell phone.

Wow, it feels good to be 30.

6. The only detention I ever received in high school I got for saying "I have to go poop."

7. Whenever I hear the song "every breath you take" by the Police, it reminds me of playing with Barbies and making them kiss each other.

8. I had four crack cookies for breakfast this morning. So what? I'm 30.
Now, if I could get my hands on the new People magazine this will be the perfect day.

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MiMi said...

Think about it, sweetie, of course the garage sale had lasting effects on you! That's why you LOVE garage saling! :)
You don't own a cell?? That's weird. And WHO gave you detention for saying you had to go poop?? That is RIDICULOUS!

Country Dreaming said...

Isn't it fun that the older you get the freeer we feel to say the things we really want to say!

familyofsix said...

What are crack cookies?? And wow still no cell phone. How do you live...?? Love that you are so much wiser and free to speak your mind now that you are 30..Congrats Jill you are tooooo funny!

familyofsix said...

Oh and I just love the panties...Ha Ha

Anonymous said...
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Native American Momma said...

sexy children characters are disturbing

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to you. I'm totally loving that 80's prom queen look.

Diggin' those birthday girl panties :)

Anonymous said...
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Melinda said...

I hope the cell phone comment wasn't directed at me. Since on your birthday I got a call on my cell phone and we had just walked into the restaurant and this post was made on your birthday. If it is I'm sorry!