Monday, November 9, 2009

It's too short (a shower curtain dilemma)

Yep, I'm still recovering from my 30th birthday party. Getting older is quite painful. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, although I'm technically still 29 until Wednesday!

Anyway, I saw this done at one of Kimba's parties, but it was a curtain in a boy's room. It turned out so cute. I wish I remember the girl's name. She even made it without sewing! It had to be copied (by me).
Then I realized I had been living with this gap between the bottom of my shower curtain and the floor much too long. The easy fix would be just to lower the rod, but mine couldn't be lowered.
Plus I really love burlap!
Have you been over to Jen's? She burlaps everything. I mean seriously she is the burlap queen. I'm kind of trying to be like her a little bit.

So, I ripped down the curtain before I took a picture. (Of course.)
Here is an old picture that shows the problem.

Look, even the liner is longer than the curtain.

Here's whatcha do:

It looks good and you get clean. You really can't beat that.


7 witty remarks:

jenjen said...

So cute. I love it Jill!

Happy Birthday - I hope you had a wonderful time!


MiMi said...

Jen IS the queen of burlap! That shower curtain looks GREAT!

Country Dreaming said...

I came over from Cherry's Jubilee.
You are sooo funny. I read all of the posts that were visible and couldn't stop laughing.
Burlap must be a hot thing right now.


Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

You can't beat that! Good thinking. I probably would have left it short!

adrienne said...

Happy Birthday, you're party looked awesome! Do you guys have your dates set yet for when you'll be staying with us?

Melinda said...

Perfect colort match too! Good job!

Room to Inspire said...

Very creative - why not add a little to the bottom instead of buying a new one? Your right, you really can't beat that.