Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buy it, Sell it, Move it, or Paint it

That's my motto!
*new entry vignette
*spray painted the scale green (yes, you can do that)
*moved basket from laundry room
*I got rid of the china cabinet and moved the bookcase into it's place
(alright, Nate & Jason actually moved it while I directed them)

*I changed it up on top

*new armoire vignette
*cord beautification still in progress

*painted white window red
*painted green tray black
*moved plate from kitchen
*gave a home to a Goodwill clock
*need to fix wonky candle
(I didn't even notice that when I took the pic)
*hung a new garage sale shelf ($1)
(by myself, I would like to add, with Nate's power tools!)
*added a red knob when Porter broke off the one it came with
*painted a white plate mustard
*bought a rooster plate and tiny wreath (Goodies)
*moved sign from entry vignette
*made $152.00 in the process!

5 witty remarks:

The Beavers said...

HI!!! I'm stalking you now! I love the blog...i look forward to your posts daily! So when you find a way to beautify your cords, let me know:)

The Fair Family Times said...

I so love what you have done with your house! I really want you to come decorate mine! I need to certainly look at these stores you shop at...never heard of them! I'm missing out!!

MiMi said...

Who doesn't love makin' money??

Angie said...

Just love the pictures of the kids with the T-shirts. Very appropriate stuff, especially the "coffee" one. I understand that one completely.

Anonymous said...

Same junk new location. Realll nice.