Thursday, May 28, 2009


Porter's requested dessert for his
"real" birthday

Birthday Boy Porter & Preschool Graduate Henry

Last Day of School

I cannot remember the blog where I found this idea...
This is what he gave his teachers for the last day.

So far he's got the "P" and "O" down.
Good thing he has another year of preschool.
I'm off to celebrate some more!

3 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

Very cute! I can really see the resemblance between your daughter and him in that middle pic!

MiMi said...

Hey, if you look to the right at your "fake friends" you'll see that Lipstick and Laundry has a post called Oh yes, she did!! and right below that is mine called NO - She did NOT. Too funny.

Jessica said...

Adorable! I guess Sasha is going to the same school next year. The M/W morning class. You will have to show me how to make those bags. :)