Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Makes Mama Happy

1. Frosting in a can. It's genius! It's already colored and comes with different tips to make different designs. Soooo quick & makes my life easier when I have to make cupcakes for three birthday parties. Love it.
2. The new show on A&E-Obsessed. I'm completely-well you get the idea. I'm loving Tori & Dean too.
3. Kellie Pickler's new song. Cute and catchy.
4. My dishwashing husband! Our new dishwasher doesn't get here until June 5th and Nate has taken over the duty. He says it's because I don't get them clean enough. Um okay, go right ahead Sweetie.
5. Free stuff on the side of the road. Kasey and I found a desk the other night on our walk and I have big plans for it's revamping.
6. Organic broccoli. I have two teeny tiny florets growing in my garden.

2 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

My husband says the same about my dish washing Whatever.
Hey, I like your new background and stuff...but what's with the cooked chicken thingy?
Macey : )

Jane Anne said...

You found another desk!? These things just come to you.