Friday, March 27, 2009

Overheard During Bedtime Prayers

Even though Porter has his prayer memorized, sometimes I say it for him to repeat just to make things go a little quicker at bedtime.

Mommy: Dear Jesus,
Porter: Dear Jesus,

Mommy: Thank you for this day.
Porter: Thank you for this day.

Mommy: God bless...
Porter: Mommy, Daddy, Brooklyn, Me & Mac

Mommy: Watch over me.
Porter: Watch over me.

Mommy: Keep me safe.
Porter: Keep me safe.

(then I decided based on the day to add a new line)
Mommy: And help me to be a good boy.
Porter: And help my Mommy be a good boy.

Porter: Amen!

3 witty remarks:

Beth Ann said...

That's precious!!

adrienne said...

He's a little Nate in the making:)

The Castellano Family said...

Oh that my dear is just too too Cute! Be a good boy Jill