Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Productive Day

I love a beautiful spring day: the sun shining, kids playing, and the smell of cut grass and spraypaint...oh yes, I bought two cans of flat black last night and I've been on a roll. Here is a sampling of what I accomplished today.

A new cozy just for me and a corduroy one for the store. I had to put Dora Snowprincess on for the little girl in the background in order to get all of this done.

I sprayed this little pearl B silver and stuck it in with the candle.

These pewter-y candlesticks have been sitting in my garage for about 5 years so I did a little update on them: sparayed them black, added a mustard ribbon and some red candles. I think they're going to the store too.

I've got lots more coming...
I also had time to stop by my dentist for a very aggressive teeth cleaning, which is just how I like it. There is something so relaxing about it...I almost fell asleep.

2 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THOSE CANDLES!! What else do you have hiding in your garage??? :-)

Kasey Hunt said...

Great job on the spray paint!! Cool idea for the coffee mugs. Clever.