Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Boy's Best Friend & Big Boy Bed

Porter can even wear Mac out.

After Nate put the 8 millionth coat of paint on our Craigslist find, Porter got his new bed in his room. I'm still searching for the perfect quilt on ebay and this is the only set of twin sheets I own so this is a premature look at his "revamped" room. I'm in love with the bed. I think this perfect shade of blue kind of makes it look like an actual PB bed but you know me...(cheap)...it was only $35. Plus the girl threw in a totally cute airplane shelf. I can't wait to show off the finished look.

Just a note: Wishbone (the character on the sheets) is Mac's actual great-grandfather.

AND...the best part is...


He was so cute in the middle of the night, I had to sneak in with my camera.
He looks just like his daddy with his mouth open.

3 witty remarks:

Debilou said...

oh that is so sweet,, i miss the baby days,, my youngest is 14 now. They grow up so fast,, i used to laugh when my parents would tell me that. But its so true.. He's precious!

samantha said...

way to go porter!!!!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

They are soo cute..your dog looks like he is smiling. cherry