Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Porter Says

"I like chilimilk."
"I put chili in my milk, and stirred it, stirred it, stirred it, and I drinked it."

3 witty remarks:

Jane Anne said...

This sounds just like Thomas. He will mix his food together or if he can get away with it, his food and drink, and he will enjoy every bite and sip. It is good to him if he created it. End of story. (Oh, and it is soooo gross, really.)

philben5 said...

Oo... isn't it funny what kids will think of? Just wanted to stop by and thank you again for my coffee cozy. Check out my post of my beautiful coffee cozy! I also love love the picture of your babies and Mom on the header of your blog! Reminds me of days gone by. They go so very very fast.

The Downs family said...

Poor Porter! That just sounds gross!!!