Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Almost Forgot

Remember my dilemma?
Well, I got these back in November and completely forgot to show you. I held out on ebay and ended up sniping them for about $20 each.
Too cute, huh?

I don't think I could have made them for less than that.

6 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

Those are too cute! I have had a lot of comments on your coffee cozy you made me as well! You could sell them on e-bay!!


Lisa said...

Those are adorable. My poor children were forced to sit in plain car seats. Yours ride in style!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Adorable car seats! Car seats have come a long way since my guys were babies! Thanks for sharing.


Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

A car seat with style...neat!

Kim Chalfant said...

I love it, toile in the car!!!

Kathy Eller said...

I have been holding off on this for so long! I want some!!