Friday, January 16, 2015

Cast of Characters III

#3 Omar 
AKA Spawn of Satan, Damien, Snuggers

After our beloved Mac went to doggie heaven, we decided to become cat people.  Of course the adorable tiny, orange kitten we chose would turn out to be possessed.  We all walk around with the scars on our calves and ankles from his unprovoked attacks.  He does not enjoy being cuddled, held, or loved on.  He only wants food and water from humans.  We have seen him literally climb walls, raise up his back and fur over invisible beings, dive into full bathtubs, and scuffle with stuffed animals.   He hides, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk by so he can jump out and cling to their limbs with his claws.  No one wants to sleep with him because he likes to wait until you fall asleep and then bite your feet.  The neighbor kids beg us to put him in the bathroom when they come to play.  And yet, we love him!

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