Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Barnes Yard 2.0 Cast of Characters

#1 Brooklyn Blanche Barnes
AKA Brookie, Blanchie, Sissy, Sis

8 years old, 2nd grader, singer, song writer, dancer, aspiring Disney Channel star, crafter extraordinaire, wants to be a police officer or a hair stylist upon growing up, has grown some teeth after two years of being toothless, loves being dramatic in all situations, never at a loss for words. 

Brooklyn is the classic middle child.  She's right between two boys and it's always her against her brothers, against her parents, against the world.  We're really looking forward to puberty around here.  She has a knack for knowing the perfect situation to say something inappropriate.  She likes to reveal embarrassing things about her family to make people laugh.  She has a strange obsession with bras.