Wednesday, October 9, 2013


My girl turned seven today.  Ca-razy!  There is no way it has been seven years since God gave us our girl.  And believe me, I thank Him every day that He only gave me one girl, because she is plenty enough for us!  I love her so much.  If she uses even half of the strength of her will for something positive, she is going to do something amazing!  
First we celebrated her birthday at school.  Then I told her I would make her anything she wanted for dinner.  She chose chicken tenders, asparagus, and crescent rolls.  And then, of course, I pulled out my wedding dress for her to try on. (wedding dress tradition) 
Happy Birthday to my feisty brown-eyed baby doll!

Rocking the headband from day one!
She and her teacher share the same birthday!
Meet Leila!  So excited!
Peacock party coming up this weekend!

2 witty remarks:

House of Smiths said...

Oh my word, she is so adorable!!! And I honestly can't believe she's already 7!!!
Happiest birthday!

sharon said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest 7 year old I've never met! Can't wait to see the pictures of the peacock party. That sounds like a fantastic theme. Enjoy this time, Jill, because the cliché is true. But, I know you know that already. :)