Friday, October 10, 2008

I can't believe she's 2

A long time ago, before I even had kids, I saw an article in a magazine about how a mom took a picture of her daughter on every birthday wearing the same ugly granny swimsuit until it eventually fit her. She then lined all the pictures up when the girl was about 16 and it was so cute to see her grow into this silly swimsuit. They gave another idea about doing it with the daughter wearing the mom's wedding dress. So years later when Brookie was born I remembered this and did it on her first birthday. Now we have her first and second pictures for the album. How cute is she?

First Birthday

Second Birthday

4 witty remarks:

Jessica said...

Sasha spotted this picture from across the room and says, "she look so beautiful with her dress on, just beautiful". What a neat idea!

Jane Anne said...

Oh, I LOOOOOOOVE this idea!!! Thanks for sharing. I have to do this. Elsie turns one next month.

Jane Anne said...

oh, and I forgot to say -- she IS beautiful! What a princess!!

MissMisDesigns said...

I remember reading this article too and thought I will do this someday.. I just can't get my 2 boys to subscribe to the notion of putting on my old swimsuit... hmm. You will really really look back at this and be so happy you did it. She will be a beautiful bride in that dress someday. *tear*