Monday, September 30, 2013

just some stuff because I haven't posted in a week

My little buddy.  We do everything together. 

Here is an actual PM exchange between my BFF and me:

He is totally an idiot.
Leather jogging pants?! Seriously?! Haha!
Jimmy is awesome! Haha
Okay, Kim K has to be embarrassed to be dating him.
I need to go to Walmart and buy lice prevention shampoo but I keep getting distracted on Pinterest and planning how I'm going to decorate my future house.

 So sad that my Jersey Housewives are over for the season.  Bring on the reunion show!
My kids think I'm such a cool mom because I put this out.

2 witty remarks:

sharon said...

So cool! I just came home with a bag of candy corn and looked around for a container to put it in. Couldn't find one so it's in the cupboard with a rubber band around the top. Your way is way cuter!

Meredith said...

Where did you get that container?!