Monday, September 23, 2013

a last name lesson

Okay first off, I don't know this family.  I think they are really adorable.  I just saw this pic on Pinterest and really felt the need to put the word out to my fellow families with a last name ending in s.  (I am assuming their last name is Williams and not William.)

Friends, when your last name ends in s and you are calling yourselves "the {blanks}", you add es to the end.  For example my family is called the Barneses.  I know that looks weird and people don't think that it looks to be correct, but it is.   If your last name was Smith, would you put the Smith on the sign, or the Smiths?  See?  Now, you also wouldn't write the Barnes', because it's not showing ownership of anything.  Unless you were talking about Jill Barnes' house, then there is no need for the apostrophe.  

So the information I would like for you to take away today is if you are going to prop up a sign in your family picture, or even if you are hanging a sign next to your front door, or something of that nature, and your family's last name ends in s, it needs to have an es on the end.  Or you can do what I always do and just write the Barnes family.  

You're welcome.

4 witty remarks:

Kat said...

Oh maiden name is Barnes (yeah, baby) and it drives me crazy that my sister-in-law doesn't know how to correctly pronounce our name. On their house answering machine she says, "You have reached the Barnes." I'm like...WHAT THE CRAP, LADY! The Barnes?? The Barnes HOUSE, yes. Not just the Barnes. Ugh. Not sure why my brother doesn't correct her. So yeah, I'm right there with ya, chickadee.

Natalie Burke said...

Amen!!! Drives me nuts.

Jaclyn said...

Ha ha - this is awesome. So true and made me laugh at the same time :)

Tara Dukes said...

Love this! I always say the Dukes Family. There was a part of me that wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly and now I know that I am!