Thursday, September 5, 2013

3rd grader and 1st grader!

Today was the second day of school and everything went as smoothly as the first!  I LOVE a new school year, everything is so fresh, Fall is in the's a new beginning.  I love that my kids love school too!

I gave up control and they both picked their first day outfits.  I think they did well!

Of course we welcomed their teachers back with a treat!
 So confident!
(I hope she always is.)
 Porter asked me to please not hug and kiss him, but only to high five him inside the school.  
(I hugged and kissed him in the car!)
They are growing up!

You know I love comparison photos so...


I just realized this was the first year Porter didn't wear a polo on the first day.

I can't believe it!

PS Gus and I have been enjoying our glorious naps while the big kids are at school!

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sharon said...

I love these pictures! B looks like such a little lady!! And I think they did a fantastic job on picking their outfits. I taught school for 8 years before I had kids and I never got a gift on the first day. Your kids' teachers must love it when they see they've got one of your kids in class! You really spoil them. :)