Tuesday, July 30, 2013


1.  I feel really accomplished because I cleaned every individual window blind by hand...even though the rest of my house is a total disaster.
2.  all it takes is my mom coming over and telling me my house looks like a total dump for me to go into full blown cleaning mode.
3.  I smell the fruit snack I find on the living room floor to make sure that's what it really is before I pop it in my mouth.  Fool me once...
4.  I get more excited than Jessie Spano on pills when I think about my class reunion coming up.  I'm so excited!
5.  when I watch the episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky get married I get a little teary eyed.
6.  my neighbor yells at my little baby boy for throwing rocks over the fence.  He's 2, you big jerk!

7.  Nate will give Porter a mohawk for five minutes and then decide that he looks like a little punk and give him a nice clean buzz cut.
8.  I need to remember this!  More than just sometimes!

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