Friday, June 21, 2013

What the heck has happened to my blogging?

 future Agassis

Good golly. 

You know what's happened?
Three kids, a husband, dog, and a crazy schedule!

I was scrolling through my last few posts and all you really get is a little blurb and then a bunch of pictures. 
What happened to the old me?
She's tired. 
And when she has any free time at all (usually around 12 AM), she's catching up on an US Weekly or watching Pretty Wicked Moms.

{Speaking of US Weekly, can we just discuss the newly born North West?  
Oh dear.
True, it could have been much worse.}

Every day this week we have been at tennis camp, lunch in the park, the library, baseball practice, and baseball games. 
We come home to the most out of control, disastrous house on the block.  And I don't think I've made dinner once.  Shameful, I tell you.

{clap-clap} Time to get it together!

PS: Dear Sharon, I just love that you feel like you know my kids!  I love that you've been reading all this time!  Every day I look at Brooklyn and I can't believe how much older she looks and I even think she looks more like me! 
Thanks for reading!

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sharon said...

Oh, I am smiling. I feel practically famous by being mentioned in your blog. I used to think I couldn't write a comment on someone's blog if I didn't know them personally. It felt like walking into a room full of people I don't know and inserting myself into a conversation. I still don't comment much. But, I really don't read that many blogs. I do have 3 blogs set as buttons on my yahoo toolbar so they are just a click away and they are yours, Gravity of Motion and Once Upon a Miracle. I figured you must be in a busy season lately, but I do enjoy even your little updates. :) I was a little worried, though, that you would think I was a creeper when I said I felt like I knew your kids. I'm glad you got where I was coming from. :)