Tuesday, April 2, 2013

makes mama happy

1A date with my firstborn.  Go Blazers!

2.  My sister and I still get Easter baskets!  Except now, instead of little baskets filled with candy, we get laundry baskets filled with awesome stuff like dishwasher tabs, Magic Erasers, tampons, shaving cream, hand towels...not kidding.  My kids think it is so cool that the Easter Bunny still thinks that Aunt Lo-Lo and I live with Grandma and Grandpa!

3.  Sunny days.  Spring has finally arrived in Oregon!

4.  Lisa Rinna (AKA Billie) possibly coming to RHOBH...I hope so!!

5.  Shutterfly books.  I made my sister one for her birthday and they are just so cute, great quality, plus they ship super fast!

6.  April 15th is in sight!  I can't wait to have a husband again!!

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