Monday, April 1, 2013

#exactlywhatIwanted #blessed

{Driving back and forth to dance class and baseball practice today} 
Simultaneously coming from the backseat:

Porter: "How come {blah blah blah}?...Why {blah, blah, blah}?...When are we {blah, blah, blah}?..."
Brooklyn: "Mommy!  He's touching me!  OW!  Stop it Porter!  Aaaaaaahhhhh!  Mom-eee!"
August: "Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  Mama..." 

A vision flashed before me of a 24-year-old me, lying in bed, praying so hard that I could have my very own baby.  

Thank you, Jesus.

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sharon said...

I love your blog. My kids are 11 and 13, but I remember those days of the "tiny army". It makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.