Monday, February 4, 2013

on my breakup with Walmart pharmacy

Dear John Walmart pharmacy, 

I was really hoping it wouldn't actually come down to this.  

You lured me in with your $5 prescription list and the notion that I would already be in your store buying my groceries with your "Super" status and all.  Each month, after I phoned in my refill, and waited the appropriate amount of time to come in and pick it up, you let me down time and time again.  I would unload anywhere from 1 to 3 unruly children from my car, often walking through the rain, into the store to pick up my prescription;  I would wait in line with all the other elderly customers complaining about their many ailments; When I finally made it to your window with one pharmacy assistant available, I would be told that my prescription would be ready in 15 minutes.  During my 15 minute waiting period, I would peruse the aisles, oftentimes placing items in my shopping cart that I really didn't need.  Even when I would wait the number of minutes I had been instructed, sometimes you would tell me to wait even longer.  

I put up with it over and over all because I was clinging to that $5 list of yours.  

I was really at my wit's end with you the time I needed to pick up antibiotics for my sick child, and after waiting two hours to make sure you had received the fax from my pediatrician's office, came in, only to be told to wait with my sick child 20 more minutes.  (On a side note, I was really appalled when my friend came in to pick up her birth control pills and you told her you were out of them.)
Every time I would tell myself it was the last time...yet I kept going back.

Well guess what? 

I checked out Walgreen's online.  I compared their prices to yours and their prices are cheaper!  And they have a DRIVE UP WINDOW!  I don't have to go in!  I don't have to take unruly or sick children into the store!  

Walgreens can offer me what you can't. 
I hope in time you will be able to get over me.  


4 witty remarks:

Anonymous said...

Walgreens pharmacists and techs are awesome. The pharmacist have been very kind and willing to go the extra mile. I have a special needs toddler, they have always went above and beyond for him. Including special order medical supplies and food items I can not get around here. Then drive up and they hand them over right threw the window!

The Vinyards said...

Oh my...I had to print this and pass it around at work! We hate Walmart. They always say "oh we didn't get that, the drs office must not have sent it".. I frequently tell patients that we are unable to e send to Walmart and that they will have to hand carry their rx's in. top it all off, we heard from Oregon Health Plan yesterday, they are no longer going to contract with Walgreens because they are too expensive. Great-because thats where I tell 90% of our patient to go......grrrr!

sharon said...

I think you need to add music to this post. "We are never, ever, ever, getting back together. Like ever."

samantha said...

Safeway matches their prices and give me my monthly meds for $4.00 since it's on Walmarts list.