Friday, December 28, 2012

Dear Nate: letters to my husband and other special people

Dear Husband,
I know I may have mentioned this several million times during our marriage, but I wanted to share this little piece of advice with you once more:
If you put your important things that you need for work (i.e. your ID badge) right by the front door before you go to bed, you can just grab them on your way out in the morning instead of wasting 15 minutes searching all over the house.
I like to call it being prepared.
Love, your Wife

Dear Husband,
This may come as a surprise as you have obviously never seen a preteen sitcom, but Dawn dish soap may never be used as a substitute in the dishwasher.
Love, your Wife
#thatswhyiminchargeofcleaning #bubblesfordays

Dear Husband,
When I shave myself, I try to leave as many hairs around the sink, floor, wherever they may land, as possible.

Dear childless man that engineered a sprinkle shaker minus the cover with holes,
Sincerely, the mom that will be sweeping up nonpareils for days

Dear Aunt Lo-Lo, 
When calling to tell me all about what you got your niece for Christmas and how much she is going to love it, please make sure I don't have the phone on speaker and she is not sitting right beside me.
Love, your Sister

Dear 7-year-old Son,
I realize that everything you know, you've learned from your Father, but seriously, quit putting the empty gallon of milk back in the fridge.
Love, Mommy

Dear Husband,
Thank you for reciting my to-do list for me at 5 AM, however by the time I actually woke up, I forgot most of it.
Love, Your Adoring Wife

4 witty remarks:

Kat said...

Love the shaving advice! P.S. I was showering the other day and wondered to myself (I have no idea why), "I wonder if Jill still doesn't have a cell phone." Just saw on the sidebar that you've given in. Nowadays I can't see how anyone can live without one but way to hold out for five years! Okay I'm done. Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Love love love it!!

Kirstan said...

I'm guessing Nate doesn't have Facebook ?? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Love these!