Wednesday, August 8, 2012

true story

1.  Gus is pretty satisfied as long as he has a marker or a Wii controller in his hand.
2.  When Nate makes dinner, it always involves either beans & rice or peanut butter. 
3.  True Oregonians hate this heat.  (That would be me.)  Can Fall get here a little faster please?
4.  Porter is asking lots of questions about God, Heaven, baptism, forgiveness.  I love that.  I believe it now that seven really is when you start having a conscience.  
5.  I'm really kind of obsessed with texting.  Remember how I just got my first cell phone after about 6 years without one?  Well I'm making up for lost time.  I want to change my voicemail message to "Please hang up and text me...bub-bye!"
6.  Ever since I revealed my insecurity about my number 11 deep wrinkles between my eyebrows to my book club friends, I feel like they keep looking at them...and totally think I'm vain now.
7.  I told my sister that I bought 10 new shirts and they all have stripes.  She told me stripes are not flattering on me. 
8.  I went school supply shopping at WalMart without my kids and thoroughly enjoyed it.  What is it with buying new pink erasers?  Best part of back to school! 
9. My husband bought this for me!

4 witty remarks:

Traci said...

I am SO a true Oregonian. I hate being hot!

Jessica said...

I hate being hot too!

Remote over the marker any day! LOL

Awesome questions Porter is asking. Love it.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

You finally got a cellphone??!!!
What kind??

Melinda G said...

I still read your blog! You can always text me too, if you want. I'll private message you my # on FB. Miss you at work!