Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas break somethings

something sweet:
On Christmas morning Brooklyn ran to the window because she thought it always snowed on Christmas.

something salty:
I ate half my weight in pistachios last night while watching Starving Secrets on Lifetime.

something unexpected:
a Cricut

something forgotten:
Porter's Benny the Beaver Pillow Pet and Brooklyn's Barbie car
(That's what happens when you do your shopping way in advance and hide the presents at a different house.)

something splendid:
My husband letting me sleep until 10:00 yesterday!

something I had planned on doing and then changed my mind:
Hitting Target's Christmas clearance.

something spoken on Christmas eve:
"If you can call my kid a drunken hobo, then I can call yours a fat boy."

some things on the Christmas menu:
Prime rib, bacon wrapped green beans (I will forever love Kelly for sharing her recipe.), cheddar stuffed mushrooms, fondu...I gained three pounds.

some things that were hits:
SpongeBob and Dora sticker books, Jesse James mousepad.

something brand new:
My nephew, Caleb Alan Dromeshauser, born 12/27/11
some facts:
It is impossible to put my house back together while Nate and the kids are home!  I'm ready for school to start back up!

3 witty remarks:

Pam said...

Someone called your kid a drunken hobo? LOL That deserves its own post! bawhahahaha!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

awww.. sweet nephew!!

Denissa said...

YAY for the cricut :) how fun! And I know exactly what you mean about not being able to get the house back to normal with everyone home!