Wednesday, October 26, 2011

you know how I love moms in "sexy" halloween costumes!

(This is a non-paid advertisement.)

So, yeah, it's that time again,
you know, when you want to look all sexy on Halloween.

Luckily I found a website that meets all of your super sexy Halloween shopping needs.

If you are like me, you have probably waited until the last minute to find that perfect costume to wear for your kid's Halloween party at school or even just to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.

I found my dream costume today!

For years I've been wanting to dress up as a watermelon slice with a bite taken out of it! 
(It is going to look so cute displaying that little area of stretch marks!)

Here are some other cute costumes you might want to snach up before they sell out... 
Someone found Nemo!

Bet she knows a lot about that!
The banana costume was a close second for me...
maybe next year!
Oh, I don't think you're fooling anyone, sweetie.
(In all honesty, I actually like this one.)
I even found a costume for Nate!

And I am not even joking, with any order you get a FREE panty!

Happy Halloween!

5 witty remarks:

Kat said...

Who wears these things? I don't even want to know. Got a good laugh out of 'em though! I like the stretch mark comment:)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

National dress like a hooker day... yipee!

Lindsey said...

hahahahaha! Those are some crazy costumes, good find! :)

Jessica said...

Can you imagine wearing those? LOL

Denissa said...

The sad part about that is there IS a reason those are sold! gross..