Friday, October 14, 2011

a magical party {rainbows, unicorns & and 5 year old}

she's really five.
My baby girl,
five years old.
We celebrated in a quite magical way.
She helped me plan each and every detail months in advance.  
She's really into unicorns these days.
Oh, but does she have big plans for her next birthday party, 
when "I will be six!"
{Why do they want to grow up so fast?}
Her Uncle Jason made the fabulous tablecloth.
Little Starlets made the fabulous tutu.
{I birthed the fabulous girl!}
Invite by Birdie Says Caw
Shoes by Hello Kitty

Each little girl got rainbow socks, a rainbow bouncy ball, a glow stick, and lots of candy!  
{Big girl wish!}
And because everyone kept asking:
The cake was made from two Betty Crocker cake mixes and 1/2 tsp of each color of Wilton's food coloring in the little pots.

I hope your special day was filled with magic, baby girl!

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3 witty remarks:

Denissa said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Loved all of it! The candy tray w/ the 5's in the candy was TOO cute! :)
I hate that they grow up so fast!!! My baby is going to be 5 next month..not cool :(

colby, meredith, caden, & carter said...

Cute cute party! LOVE the tablecloth. Blanche is adorable!

Jane Anne said...

Such a sweet party, Jill! I adorethe picture of her blowing out her candles.

Elsie loves unicorns, too. She's going to be one for Halloween.