Thursday, September 1, 2011

t minus 5 days...(and 4 month comparison)

until the big kids go back to school!
I'm still rushing around like a crazy mom trying to get everything ready!
I've yet to finish making Porter's teacher's treat, Brooklyn's teachers' treats, and sewing her new school bags...even though my sewing machine and glue gun have been sitting out for the past week.  
I'm always getting sidetracked by the dang laundry...urgg!
Brooklyn is getting her back to school haircut today so that will be taken care of...I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting...
I don't even have their first day outfits picked out yet!
We went to the water park last week and the kiddos got to cool off.  The summer weather just finally started here!
And Mr. Man here is throwing me for a loop!  I'm just sticking with that he's got to be getting a tooth because he is so off his routine, refusing the boob, not sleeping, etc...
 the babies at 4 months each
 The boys at 5 months

Happy September!

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Anonymous said...

Ease up on yourself, girl! lol! I'm sure your kids' teachers will still like you even if you don't make them a gift ;) BTW.... all your kids have the same exact nose! Cute!