Sunday, August 14, 2011

easy peasy legwarmers

PS: I just read over my last post and it sounds like a crack addict wrote it! 

My sister gave me some socks months ago and told me to do something with them.  So today I made legwarmers for the girlies.
Miss Blanche is modeling the turquoise and brown zebra print.
She insisted that Sophia be in the picture with her.
They are so simple to make: 
cut the foot off a sock, fold over the edge, and sew
Little Libbs is wearing the gray, black, and red argyle
I love those little toofers!
Jacie Rose, who is 5 going on 15, wears the adorable gray and black stripe with hearts
And finally, baby Libbs again sporting the colorful cheetah print (my personal favorite).
She loves her Auntie!

2 witty remarks:

colby, meredith, and caden said...

Adorable and so easy. No girlies around here, though!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Way too adorable!