Thursday, July 14, 2011

perfect conditions

Sometimes I listen to my sister.  Like the other day when I was complaining that I couldn't go somewhere because I needed to stay home and get things done, 

she said, "Life is going to pass you by while you're getting things done." 

I suddenly realized I use that excuse a lot.

"Things done" usually means trying to get my house in order.
I could work on it every single day and the "things" never seem to get done.

I don't want to be a mom like that.

I hate feeling like I can't leave my house because it's a mess and when I come home, I'll come home to a mess.
Lately I've found myself sending Nate and the kids to do fun stuff so that I can stay home and put everything where it's supposed to be.

I want to be doing the fun stuff. 

Perfect conditions for me to have fun would be to leave an immaculate house with all toys picked up, all laundry washed and put away, beds made, dishes done, carpet vacuumed, and clean blue water in each toilet.

The reality is, that is never going to happen...unless I have a week in advance to plan for it. Lately I've found myself turning down last minute invitations because I feel like I have to stay home and "get stuff done".  I couldn't possibly deserve to have fun while my house has Littlest Petshops strewn about everywhere and dishes piled up in the sink. 

Then I saw this: 

To me, that means if I wait until everything is in its perfect place in my house before I can enjoy my kids' childhood, it will be too late!
Aha moment!
My house is never going to be perfect.
And when my kids grow up, they probably won't remember if the clean laundry always got put away or not. 
(At least I hope not.)

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~Sutherland Smiles~ said...

This is soooo me~ A great lesson I need to learn and put into action!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I think I need that verse on a huge canvas in my house!

Denissa said...

Right there with ya! It is hard to not feel like that, but its a process..I'm slowly getting there!
I tell myself that the kids are going to remember me spending time with them, not if the bathroom was clean or the house is perfect.

The Beavers said...

I used to be just like you and I was always stressed or had anxiety about the condition of my house. My grandma came to visit and she let me in on a little seceret that saved me..."There is a difference between a messy house and a dirty house. A messy house is inevitable with young kids. You just don't want a dirty house." I make sure the house is clean but the messes will always be, clothes, etc. I do my best but this has helped me not be so stressed and now I'm really able to enjoy the fun stuff! Glad you had your Aha Moment!!

Laurie said...

I feel the same way!!!!
It's always nice to know that others are in the same boat!

samantha said...

We missed you on one of those fun times tonight! :(

Traci said...

Thank you for this... I'm on the other side, but sometimes feel guilty for not caring if stuff is left out. I saw a great pic on pinterest- it said "Excuse the mess, we LIVE here."

Hope you're enjoying the sun today.