Wednesday, February 9, 2011

33 weeks confessional

Whew, 33 weeks and I'm feeling it! 
When I walk, I feel like Mr. August is going to fall right out!
I'm up 23 pounds, which I'm feeling pretty good about.
Nate only weighs 7 pounds more than me!
The diaper bag is packed for the hospital. 
I have new jammies and I'm still looking for the perfect robe.
I have a confession:
I've been drinking caffeine every day.
Sometimes coffee, sometimes diet coke
I feel really guilty about it.
I just couldn't make it through the day without it. 
I'm SO tired. 
I try to hide my belly from the girl at McDonald's drive-thru so she won't think I'm a bad mom. 
I feel a little better now that I've told you.
Please don't yell at me.

8 witty remarks:

Missy... said...

You are soooo cute! I just wish I could rub that belly! (Yes, that would be totally awkward and yes, I'm one of THOSE people...but I ALWAYS ask first!).

I drank caffeine everyday too. Trust me, there are MUCH MUCH MUCH worst things you could be doing! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm pretty sure I had more than a few diet cokes when I was pregnant....and I never felt {too}bad about it:) Those red shoes are ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

i'm a total blog stalker lately. and usually i don't comment, but i need to help a sister out here. do you know that you'd need to drink 5 cups of coffee per day to be considered as possibly having a negative effect on baby's birth weight? AND that tidbit has only been tested in rats, never seen in humans. drink up, mama, drink up.

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

Oh lady, you are just too adorable! Love that dress!

Jane Anne said...

I drank a cup of coffee a day with all three of my last pregnancies... my kids turned out hyper but healthy. I'm pretty sure that's an acceptable level of caffeine.

Denissa said...

You are too cute!! And I drank caffeine everyday with my 3rd baby, I swear its because you have the other two that makes it impossible without it! He was my biggest baby, so don't feel guilty!

Melinda G said...

I know I've told you this before, but I did NOT drink any caffeine with Carson & he is my most challenging child. I did drink it with my 1st and 3rd child, however, and they are pretty laid-back kids. I'm not sure it REALLY has anything to do with the their personalities, whether I drank caffeine or not, but I agree with the other ladies. You aren't drinking enough to hurt your baby...and you are SUPER cute...preggo:)

lbfries said...

The first thing, and I mean the very first thing the nurse said to me after delivery and all the work afterwards, was, "Would you like a Coke?" I gave her a horrified look and said, "What, I have been off of caffeine for 9 months and you want me to have a Coke?" She replied, "....yes, I think you need a Coke." :) And you know, I did!