Friday, January 14, 2011

they graduated

We took the kids to a big brother/big sister class at the hospital tonight.  
They watched a fun little movie and learned all about helping Mommy & Daddy with the new baby. They even got to tour the maternity unit and see a brand new baby.
They practiced supporting the baby's head
and helping with feeding.
Brooklyn is going to be an expert diaper changer.
She passed!
My inquisitive son asked rather loudly,
"Mom, is the baby going to come out of your crotch?"

7 witty remarks:

Pam said...

Yea for graduating and OMG! The stuff kids will say, I love it!

Tiffany said...

That is so hilarious what Porter said. Funny little guy. Looks like such a neat class! How fun!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I hate that word (crotch). :) They are cute!

Jane Anne said...

He said "crotch"?! My kids don't know that one- I don't think.

Cute pics, Jill.

Denissa said...

Omg,how funny! What a cute class though :)

Kat said...

Again, Porter cracks me up! Hey check out my post today. You, of all the blogs I follow, can probably relate best:)

sharon said...

Kids are so funny! I remember being asked by one of my daughters, "Mom do you have a crotch?" Apparently this was a word they learned from Dad and wondered if only dads had crotches.