Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I love Christmas jammie pictures!
I can't believe next Christmas there will be one more cousin.

Recent Discoveries:
1.  My camera died.  I mean, it works, it just does everything except take pictures.  And seriously, right before Christmas?  I have a new one picked out that Santa could bring me...
2.  Porter's Kindergarten Christmas program was the cutest dang thing I have ever seen.  The little boys in their sweater vests and ties and the little girls in their fancy Christmas dresses ringing bells were just stinking adorable.  (And I had no camera.)
3.  Mac (our dog) turned 11 on December 1st and it was the fifth (I believe) year in a row we have forgotten until a few days after.
4.  I'm obsessed with Christmas music.  I can't get enough, except for "Santa Baby" (eww, I hate that one) and "Baby it's cold outside" (unless it's Nick and Jessica singing it).  On a side note, Christmas time really makes me miss when Nick and Jessica were still together, and is it just me, or is her new boyfriend not cute at all?  Just sayin'.
5.  Prilosec has been my Christmas miracle.  It really is the magic pink pill.  I can eat all the spicy food I want, I can lay (lie?  I can never remember.) flat in my bed, and best of all I don't throw up the burning acid in plastic bags while driving (I actually only did that once, but it was one time too many).  Thank you Prilosec inventor!

5 witty remarks:

Ryan, Lindsey and Dylan said...

Such a great photo of all the kiddos! I love that Brooklyn has mittens on! :) I agree that Christmas makes me miss Nick and Jessica, and her new man is NOT attractive!!! One more time I'm pregnant I'm gonna need to try Prilosec!!! I had the WORST heart burn while being pregnant!

Okay I think that's all... :)

Jane Anne said...

Love the photo!

Kim said...

I had to laugh when I read what Christmas songs you don't really care for....those are my least favorite Christmas songs too! (Especially when it's Madonna singing "Santa, Baby"!)

Anonymous said...

Cute header!

Jessica said...

Love the pic!