Sunday, June 13, 2010

summer days

For some reason squeeze cheese reminds me of summer.
Not only is it delicious, it can be very educational, like when I use it to write a letter on a cracker and quiz my children before I put it in my mouth.  
I don't have to share with them because they think it's gross. 
Incidentally, Nate and I created our profiles for the Wii Fit last night and their experts determined that Nate is more overweight than me.  Ha!
Every June our little town has a parade and I got to sit with Blanche on her very first float ride.  
She fell asleep halfway through, slumped over in my arm, and sweating all over the place. 
My patio chairs got a new look for the warm weather.  
Sometimes the dads have more fun than the kids.

5 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

I have a picture of you from the parade on my phone! But I didn't even realize it was you because I'm a dork.

colby, meredith, and caden said...

Jill, Your post about Easy Cheese made me laugh out loud; I LOVE easy cheese. . .healthy, I know!

If you see Danielle, please let her know that I spent my first weekend off trying to get caught up on the Bachelorette :).

Anonymous said...

The teenage boys were quite impressed with the dads as well! Was a great way to start the Summer Vacation!!

Denissa said...

Ha! We love squeeze cheese too (well me & two of my kids) :) Its the best on Doritos.. Cute picture of you & Blanche!

I promise I'll get you a pic later today..its been a few of "those days"

Jane Anne said...

Your family makes me miss my family sooooo much. Looks like a great start to summer!