Monday, June 7, 2010

recent discoveries

1.  I am SERIOUSLY lacking in the posting department.  My goal is to post every day this week.  I have a lot of new material since we recently inherited a garage load of projects from Nate's GrandBeeb.  I'm excited to show you. 
2.  I found a $5 coupon for Old Navy buried in my purse and after I got excited I realized it was expired.
3.  Now that Porter is out of school I don't make him change out of his jammies unless we are leaving the house.  AND I don't even feel like a bad mom about it.  Yay, Blanche is done on Thursday and then I don't have to dress her either!  I LOVE summer laziness!
4.  We finally watched The Blind Side last night.  (loved it.)  Sandra was the perfect match for playing that woman!  I'm still sad that her husband was a jerk-off to her.  
5.  Last night I finished Kate Gosselin's new book.  It was basically a documentation of everything she's ever done that made her feel like a good mom.  Hello, we saw the show, we remember the time you let your kids eat ice cream.  duh.
6.  These kids make really cute cave-children!

5 witty remarks:

MiMi said...

I'd have a much bigger book about all the things that have made me a bad mom...which would make me a better mom than a dweeb that talks about all the good stuff she's done, which makes her a bad one. Right? Does that make sense?

Jane Anne said...

Your kids are so incredibly cute. I got a picture or two of you in the parade... maybe I'll post them.

Bummer about the coupon! I only find coupons when they are expired.

Looking forward to the garage sale posts!

Denissa said...

I love summer laziness too! We've been hanging out in our jammies too :)
Cute new pic @ the top of your blog..

samantha said...

Ok I so want to read that book, when you guys are done could I borrow it?

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Seems I only have coupons when I have no money... like not even enough to use the coupon ;) Welcome back to blogging, looking forward to seeing your garage goodies!